Anonymous: No don't >_< *hug* have things improved? Sorry again I wasn't on tumblr this week (first week) mostly cuz of this crazy assignment I did for programming on the computer ^^" finished and turned it in though so yay tumblr.. And you know, stuff haha. Unexpected events. I made many friends this year quickly due to SNK. Well it's more about video games and anime in general haha. How long has the friend been a friend before taking distance? :/

^^ hiiii i see, thats great!!! :) i also made friends thanks to SnK x3
Umhhh school has been boring but i meet two new friends and i really like em u know.. They help me with this friend. He has been my friend for like 1 year… Also i was falling for him and yesterday one of his friends told me he was too, but was afraid so didn’t do anything… Im feeling so awkward now… I want to see what can happen w/him